25 Things to do While I am 25

1. Visit 4 new states. I am 23 states away from my "50 states before I turn 30" goal.

      • Arkansas, Connecticut
2. Read 20 new books. I get addicted pretty easily, and with all of my traveling, easy smeasy.

      • Prey
      • A Game of Thrones
      • I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
      • Hollywood Wives
3. Accomplish a NO shopping month. Okay, this is a lot to ask, but a girl can dream!
4. Send out holiday cards. What a great way to keep in touch with those just out of reach!
5. Get more involved in my sorority, Tri Sigma. Such a huge impact in my life, time to give back.
6. Run a marathon. Watching my dad in his half Iron-Man earlier this year really inspired me!
7. Take an ASL course. I have learn bits and pieces, here and there. Time for the next step.
8. Volunteer for a cause. I use to volunteer with AHA every year. Time to get back in it.
9. Attend a staple event. Mardi Gras, NYE Ball Drop, NCAA Final Four, Olympics, etc. 
10. Learn about wines. I LOVE red wine, but I cannot hold an intelligent conversation about it.
11. Send post cards while on tour. I really enjoyed the personal messages that come with post cards.

      • Postcards sent from NYC to both sets of grandparents
12. Attend 3 major sporting events. This cannot include teams I've already seen in their home stadiums.

      • Yankees
13. Go camping. Time to bring out my inner child, and childhood memories. 
14. NO fast food. Biggest challenge on this list, as I travel for months on end. FAILED
15. Host a dinner party or brunch. Pretty cocktails and all!
16. Say yes! But not to a ring...
17. Don't spend money just to spend. I am known for retail therapy. It's gotta go. 
18. Treat my parents to something  special. It is the least I could do after the past 25 years.
19. Plan a trip abroad...and put money on it! Traveling is my biggest passion, time to see the world!
20. Donate/Adopt an animal from WWF. I love animals, and what WWF stands for. 
21. Put half of every paycheck into savings. I use to be great at this. No more useless spending!
22. Purchase something expensive. Something for me to be proud of. A lifelong purchase. 
23. Save all $5 bills.  How often do you see a $5 bill? Not often. But is adds up later.
24. Clean out my closet.  And under my bed. And my storage unit. And my junk drawer.
25. Go to an outdoor concert. I could not tell you the last time I did this. They are so much fun!

"To live is the rarest thing in the world."-Oscar Wilde

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