Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Well y'all, it's official: 
I'll be taking my talents to South Beach. 
Well, not permanently, I am also traveling to Houston, and New York City! 

It is that time of year again, where I will travel for an extended period of time for work. This time not only do I get to spend a few weeks in markets I have only spent a few days in, but I get to plan the events we will attend-the perks of a big girl job!

My first stop will be Houston, TX. 
 Naturally, I'm not too thrilled about returning to this market as I spent about 5 weeks there last year, but I'll make the most of it. After all, my Big Sis lives there now! 
Talk about a throw back...
Followed by: New York City
I have to the city numerous times, but I am thrilled to really explore on a level I have always wanted to. Double bonus: A lot of my friends have relocated to the City, or I have met some who have been living in the area most of their lives!

Our last stop...Bet you can't guess it!
I have some great memories from South Beach. The shopping and beach are great, and the night life is killer, especially on the pocket. But, the thing I am most excited about? The art distract. I hear it is amazing, and I am thrilled that I can finally explore the area!

Unfortunately, work will rule the schedule when I am in each of these markets, but having my first tour under my belt, I will be able to manage my free time a little bit better. 

I am very excited for this tour, and the new adventures it will bring!


  1. I loved traveling for work and your going to such fun places! Tell me how to get your job!

  2. Take me with you to Miami!!