Thursday, April 11, 2013


Trees are in full bloom and flowers are standing tall.
That can only mean on thing.

Spring has sprung. 

And it has created a running wonderland. 
While it may only last a few more days, there is one running path that I can get lost in. I literally get lost. I forget that I am running, and stop and take in the beauty of my surroundings. 
This picture does no justice for it's beauty!
But, this view will only last a few weeks, if I am lucky.

My other wonderland is one that transports me to the beach. . 
Is it simple. 
It is ugly. 
But, those two simple words takes me home every time.
I am by no means a surfer, but sitting on my porch, or walking around the island, you are guaranteed to see many surfboards making their ways to the sandy beaches.

Here are a few other images that I could get lost in while I am running:

Is there anything on your run that motivates you to push harder, or completely distracts you from the task at hand?

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